Below you find the current partners for Looking For Gamers.

Patch Gaming

Patch Gaming seeks to reach out to and connect with people who are suffering from mental illnesses and create a community in which these people can safely and securely interact with others who are also suffering from mental illness. Patch Gaming works to create an environment which provides an outlet for these individuals to express themselves and be accepted. Patch Gaming creates this community through both video games and tabletop games, and works to connect gamers with like-minded individuals with whom they can talk, play, and relate with.


The amazing music bots at LFG's Discord server are provided to us by the lovely people at Amped. Amped offers a unique listening experience - Although you can find many music bots on Discord, only Amped has quality bots, custom tailored and curated by dedicated staff for each library. Check them out to find even more genres.

Extrokold Games

Extrokold Games is an awesome indie game development company out of San Diego, Ca. They are currently working on Unearned Bounty, which is a really fun pirate ship combat game.

Discord Tabletop

Discord Tabletop is a community for anyone new or old to tabletop RPGs. They have people who like all kinds of pen and paper games, from Dungeons and Dragons to even the obscure. Go check them out!


WarChat is a server made with Tenno in mind! WarChat has coaching for the new Warframe player, raiding for the experienced Warframe player, and guides for everywhere in-between. Not only dedicated to educating, WarChat has routine giveaways, game nights, and a wonderful community.


Staged is a server all about live music and events! There's always something going on at Staged. Check out their calendar to plan ahead for several daily events (, or when to see your favorite performer! Come listen to great talent or show them yours! See you there!