Community Rules

In order to run a fun and civil community, we ask that everyone follows the following rules:

1. Be Polite

We expect members of this community to be polite and kind to other members of the community. Jesting/Joking is fine, but please don’t walk the line. This also applies to tagging. Please do not try to tag “@everyone”, or random people in the discord server. Please don’t “spam” tags, or use them to annoy.

2. Respect for Mental Health

Mental health issues, such as depression, suicide, and mental conditions are taken very seriously here. Even if used in jest, saying things like “go drink bleach”, or calling someone “autistic” will not be tolerated. Bullying and harassment are forbidden as well. If you struggle with any of these issues yourself, we highly encourage you to go visit the awesome guys over at Patch Gaming:

3. No racism/sexism/homophobia/whateverisms, and no NSFW content

We do not accept racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything of the sort. This is an accepting community, and this rule goes along with Rule #1. Obviously there are a lot of possible posts that are right on the line between being acceptable and being unacceptable. This includes racially and sexually charged terms. These will be left up to the judgement of Mods/Staff, so if you are warned or if you are given a strike, please desist from making further inappropriate posts immediately.

4. No Spamming

Spamming is not allowed anywhere in this community. This can include repeatedly posting advertisements, typing random characters for no reason, huge blocks of ASCII art, bothering people with tags, etc. We also do not permit spamming in our voice chats. This can include soundboarding, voicechangers, transmitting music, yelling, excessively swearing, or intentionally disrupting other peoples’ conversations.

5. Don’t have an inappropriate user name

If you have a username that’s difficult to tag, such as one that begins with an ‘@’ character or a name that contains ‘here’ or ‘everyone’, you will be asked to change your name. Also if your name contains any content that would break an existing rule here (such as one containing racism, homophobia, etc.), you will be asked to change your name. If you do not change it, you may be kicked.

6. No Advertising/Advertisements

Until further notice, advertising any discord server/group/community/youtube/game server/whatever is not allowed. If you want to advertise your twitch/youtube/whatever stream, you can post it in #streams if you have achieved “Regular” status. More details to come in the future. If you wish to advertise your discord server, please visit

7. Do not pester people to come talk/play games

A polite message asking if people want to come talk in voice channels or play games is acceptable, but incessantly bothering people via PM or spamming messages is not allowed.

8. No discussing or encouraging illegal or ToS violating content/behavior

We don’t want to get sued. Things like posting links to torrent sites, encouraging hacking/DDOSing, or advocating other illegal activity is prohibited.

9. No sockpuppets or ban dodging

Stick with one account, and if you are banned, stay banned.

10. No Impersonating other members

No impersonating other members of the server, and especially not the staff.

11. No arguing with staff or mods on server administration matters

We can’t cover every eventuality in the rules here. A lot of cases will be on a fine line between acceptable and unacceptable. If you disagree with a mod’s decision please politely bring it up with a staff member. If you abuse or harass a mod, you might be kicked or banned. We’re not trying to be a server where everything is politically correct and you have to walk on eggshells no matter what you do, but at the same time we are trying to create a friendly environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. So please abide by these rules and decisions made by the mods.

12. Leave moderation to the moderators.

If the mods are handling an issue, stay out of it. If the mods havent seen the issue yet, just tag them, and stay out of it.

13. Keep the chat (both text and voice) to English.

This is an english speaking server, and we want to keep it that way, for the sake of the community, and for the moderators.

You may be banned, kicked, or muted, at ANY time, by a member of the staff, for any reason, as it’s up to their discretion, but we will try to follow these rules.

Breaking any of these rules will grant you a strike. If you get 3 strikes, you will be removed from the discord server.

In extreme cases, such as if a new account joins and begins spamming inappropriate content, mods may consider that a troll account and ban it immediately with no strikes given.